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Information to handle button/coin cells safely] General Risks Advice for Parents Advice for Medical Sector Need Urgent Help Language Child Safety The portable battery industry takes the safety of consumers very seriously and has prepared this guidance for parents and the medical profession to ensure parents have the necessary information to handle button/coin cells safely and to highlight the steps medical professionals can take should an incident occur.

Button/coin batteries are batteries specially designed for a wide variety of small appliances such as hearing aids, watches, remote controls and toys. These batteries have the shape of a button or a coin and come in different sizes. The battery industry is already taking significant measures to limit the risk of battery ingestion. These include: Placing warning notices on packaging of ingestible size batteries (i.e. AAA and smaller). Participating in the standards development process for battery-powered electronics and toys, with focus on making access to batteries harder for children, such as ensuring secure battery compartments.

Working through the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and other standard setting organisations to continuously improve battery construction, product safety and harmonization of caution notices/safety pictograms. Striving to make battery packaging more childproof for certain battery types that are particularly susceptible to misuse. Learn about the general risks: