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Shipping methods

For purchase of products with a total cost of one hundred and eighty euros (€ 180.00) or more and for orders up to 3Kg you are not charged with shipping costs, for deliveries within Greece. For orders with a total cost of less than one hundred and eighty euros (€ 180.00) and below 3Kg, you will be charged with shipping costs of six euros (€ 6.00) + VAT. Shipment of large volumes of products may be charged at an additional cost. Delivery time may also be affected by the payment method you have chosen. Please contact us before proceeding with payment.

For shipments of products nationwide with a total weight of more than three (3Kg) kilos

If the weight of the order exceeds three (3Kg) kilos, you are further charged with one and a half euros (€ 1.50) per additional kilo, regardless of the value of the order. Consult the following detailed table to be informed about the shipping cost depending on the total weight of your order:

from 3.01 to 4 kg € 1.50

from 4.01 to 5 kg € 1.50

from 5.01 to 6 kg € 1.50

from 6.01 to 7 kg € 1.50

from 7.01 to 8 kg € 1.50

from 8.01 to 9 kg € 1.50

from 9.01 to 10 kg € 1.00

from 10.01 to 11 kg € 1.00

from 11.01 to 12 kg € 1.00

from 12.01 to 13 kg € 1.00

from 13.01 to 14 kg € 1.00

from 14.01 to 15 kg € 1.00

All prices listed above do not include VAT. For orders with a total weight of more than 15 kg, you have to contact the sales department to determine the method, time and shipping cost. The required time for the delivery of the available products is 2-4 working days, depending on the area you are in (if the order has been placed until 14:00) according to the shipping method you have chosen. For islands or inaccessible areas, calculate 1-3 extra days. Delivery takes place at the place you have declared as a place of receipt. Products that are not immediately available are kept on hold and shipped as soon as they become available after we first notify you.

Upon completion of your order, an email will be automatically sent informing you about the receipt and registration of your order, where all the details will be listed in detail. After checking the order and the availability of your ordered products, an order confirmation e-mail will be sent immediately. In any case, before getting a confirmation email of your order from [email protected], it is considered that it has not been accepted by us. In case the method of payment is cash on delivery and for orders up to €100.00, there is an additional fixed charge of two (€ 2.00) euros. For orders over €100 one of the other payment methods must be selected - deposit in a bank account or payment by credit card.

Collecting the order from the Company.

1. Upon completion of your order you will receive a first email "Confirmation of your order", which informs you that your order has been registered in our system.

2. As soon as it is ready for collection from our company, a second email "Receipt of your order" will be sent to you, so that you can come to our offices and collect it.

3. Orders received after 14:00 are registered the next working day.

4. In case you have chosen to pay upon collection from our company, your order will remain booked for one week. Collections from our company are made Monday to Friday from 10:00 - 16:00.