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New Solar Range From 100 Ah to 1830 Ah

New Solar Range From 100 Ah to 1830 Ah
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New Solar Range From 100 Ah to 1830 Ah

Solar Range

Ni-Cd batteries dedicated to renewable energy From 100 Ah to 1830 Ah (C120 rate)

Choose Solar range purpose-built standalone battery systems, the most reliable solution for remote, hostile environments Battery systems have a tough job maintaining reliable service in isolated locations and hostile environments. Demand fluctuates widely and charging depends entirely on irregular and unpredictable patterns. In remote, outdoor installations, Solar nickel-cadmium battery is the natural choice for photovoltaic applications, stand-alone hybrid systems and renewable energy applications. Alcad Solar Ni-Cd batteries provide continuity at any state of charge, but they also reach a high state of charge without boost or reconditioning charges, greatly simplifying the complex task of managing charging patterns, so essential to the efficient operation of renewable energy systems. Solar nickel-cadmium battery provides totally reliable service and low maintenance which achieves a low life-cycle cost. Low Maintenance

 Main Benefits

•Achieves 10 000 cycles at 15% depth of discharge

•Purpose-built for stand-alone hybrid systems

•Operates at any state of charge

•-20°C (-4°F) to + 50°C (+122°F)

Technical Specifications

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